Home Networking

Networking is defined as: A system of devices connected to each other with the ability to transfer data and information easily between devices.

PC Rx Computer Service will get everything working together for you, so that you can enjoy the benefits of all your devices sharing their information, safely and securely. We will get all of your devices connected, whether you have a desktop computer, a laptop, tablet, cell phone, a home theater, or any combination of these.  All of these devices will require attention for them to see each other, share data, working efficiently within your home or office network. We can do it for you!

Types of Network Technology:

  • Wireless
  • Ethernet (physical network cable)
  • Home PNA (Home Phone Line – AKA: Fax Modem)

Some things to consider:

  • If you have more than one computer or device, in your home or office, you have a potential Network. (Networks are not automatically connected. They must be set up!)
  • If you wish for these devices to share information, you will need to set these devices up

What you need:

  • Modem (usually provided by your Internet Service Provider, or ISP)
  • Network Cable (commonly known as a ‘CAT5’ cable)
  • Router (wireless router recommended)
  • Network adapter or ‘NIC’
    • PCI Ethernet card (desktop), and/or
    • Wireless PCI Card (desktop), and/or
    • USB Wireless adapter, or Internal (Laptops, Tablets, and Cell Phones)

Depending on your ISP, you will receive a modem to use in their network type, whether this is broadband or DSL. They can also be combined, providing both telephone service AND internet service, all in one unit. They look different, but their function is the same.

Most ISPs will only provide service TO THE HOME. This is important to note, as any issues you have with connectivity inside will be your responsibility. Cox Communications charges $99 for this service. This does NOT include the price of the router! They verify internet connectivity to the home ONLY!

Word of Advice: If there are any other computer repair issues requiring PC service, they will NOT do this as part of their service! Why not pay someone less money to do it all for you? Call us today for any of your computer problems, and use our fast computer repair services!

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