Is your computer slow? Has it lost that “new PC” feel?

There are many reasons as to why this is. As you use your PC, programs can bloat your hard drive with unused, dormant files. Even after you remove the software; it can leave these “dead” files behind. Over time, it can have an adverse effect on the performance of your computer.

It can also be the electronic hardware inside your computer wearing out. As your computer ages, parts wear and it can also slow down. Your hard drive is a mechanical device; it can break without warning, leaving you without a computer. We can diagnose what’s wrong, replace the part and get you back up running in no time! Trust us with all your PC Repairs.

PCRx offers Complete Computer Repair with personable, friendly service. We take the “Geek-speak” out of your repairs with a clear explanation of any work that is to be done. We will diagnose what is wrong and provide you with a quote before we do any work.

  • If you suspect a Virus, give us a call, we’ll get rid of it for you!
  • Did you get a new Wireless router, or a new internet service? Call us to connect you! Cheaper than Cox!
  • Do you want to backup or recover your data from a broken PC? Please contact us.
  • Do you want us to install the new software that you got? We can do that for you!

Check out our low Prices!  Most repairs diagnosed on the spot!
We will get you up and running in no time!

We are always happy to discuss your computer problems and offer you solutions.

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