Software Installation and Upgrades

You’ve turned on that new PC, now what do you do?

Whether you are a computer novice, or a computer pro, there is no better way to put the ‘personal’ in Personal Computer than by turning it into an extension of your personality and installing the programs that make it your very own!

Are you needing an Operating System upgrade because you are running that tired old version of XP and want to upgrade to Windows 7, or the latest Windows 8? If you do, there may be compatibility issues with the upgrade. Your printer may not work, or there may not be any video drivers available for the new operating system, rendering your PC useless. Some people only find this out AFTER they have already installed it. Take advantage of our expertise to save you time and money when upgrading your PC. Call us and we will discuss your options.

PC Rx Computer Service can transform that generic, out of the box, PC into a workhorse, inspiring the world with your ideas and style, OR simply making it easier to surf the web, keep up with your friends on Facebook, on Skype, or just to write emails.  Your PC is an extension of your personality! Whatever the reason you have for turning on your PC, you are going to need software programs to accomplish your personal goals of production, fun, or to make money.

Let us come to your home or office to make it happen. We can install the latest software, patch, or update your system with the latest Windows Operating System, or update.

Many of those “Free” software companies install other programs during the install process that you are not aware of. This happens because these ‘other programs’ are paid for by software companies looking to promote their products, usually installed without your knowledge! We’ll make sure that those ‘extra’ programs are not installed in the background, potentially loaded with Trojans or viruses! Always remember, many times it is ‘free’ for a reason.

Legitimate software such as Google Chrome, will load these programs. When Google Chrome is installed, it also loads McAfee Anti-virus, even if you already have anti-virus software installed. No more than one anti-virus program should ever be installed on a PC at a time. It can lead to system conflicts between the types of software, and what you end up with can be no virus protection at all. Call us to make sure it is installed correctly and with no errors or conflicts!

Windows Update can also wreak havoc. While 99% of the time there is no issues, Windows Operating Systems are well known to freeze up during the reboot after a Windows Update install, leaving your computer unable to boot up. Windows Automatic Update will download, install, and reboot your PC without you even being there. When you attempt to turn on your PC, it won’t boot up, costing you money in computer repair. Computer problems are reduced with a careful eye performing the install.

PC Rx Computer Services – Your personal PC Doctor, with 20 years of experience serving the Valley of the Sun!